Topical Articles with Exercises for AS Spanish

Topics matched to 2016 specifications – ready to use now!

Up-to-date articles based around the latest events in target-language countries, each one accompanied by a range of activities. Written by native speakers, these authentic texts will stretch your students while testing the skills needed for AS in a modern-day context.

  • Topical and often challenging issues make texts relevant and thought-provoking, offering ample opportunity for debate.
  • All articles based on topics from new AS specifications – the perfect resource to bridge the gap between the specs! Start using now, keep for next academic year!
  • Each text accompanied by vocabulary, comprehension, language, translation, writing and discussion exercises – all matched to AS level.
  • Full answers provided for easy teacher-, peer- or self-marking.
Articles include: Reflexiones en un email; Tu familia es mi familia; a fiebre del piercing; ¿Qué es para ti ser un buen deportista?; Reunión de antiguos alumnos; Un repentino cambio de circunstancias; ¿Debería España preocuparse más por el medio ambiente?; Vacaciones en Ibiza; Cada loco con su tema; ¿Por qué nos fascina tanto la vida de los famosos?; ¿Tienes Facebook en tu vida o Facebook tiene tu vida?; La fiebre del baile en televisión; Análisis de un anuncio original; Las fiestas de España; La tomatina