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Debates in Politics: Audio Dialogues for AS Level Edexcel

12 exam-relevant articles for AS Edexcel Government and Politics!
Is there such a thing as Cameronism?
Should 16-year-olds have the vote in Britain?
Are the trade unions too powerful within the Labour Party?
Do pressure groups undermine democracy?
The UK's constitutional reforms have largely been a failure
The House of Commons is not effective at performing its functions in Parliament
Which electoral system should the UK implement to replace FPTP?
Civil liberties and rights in the UK have been heavily eroded
The Prime Minister's powers are virtually limitless in modern Politics
The judiciary is truly independent of government
An elected House of Lords will be nothing but a disaster for British politics

Inject new pace and variety into your lessons with 12 unique head-to-head debates specifically recorded for AS Edexcel.

Each debate includes:

  • A recorded debate on CD – great for auditory learners
  • A written transcript on debate topics from across the specification – all topics frequently raised in exams
  • Followed by consolidation, analysis and evaluation questions – all in exam style for perfect practice!
  • Detailed mark schemes for every question – great AfL

Flexible resource

  • Inspire students at the start of each topic
  • Homework – great independent learning; a focused and fun revision activity

Listen to the 'The House of Commons is not effective at performing its functions in Parliament' debate right now for free!

You can also view an inspection copy of the printed articles.