Topic Tests for A Level AQA Biology

Comprehensive and progressive tests covering every specification topic – ideal for tracking the progress of all your students. An easy-to-set homework or in-class exercise for the end of every topic.

It has saved me a huge amount of time and it allows me to focus that important time on teaching and making lessons/lesson resources better

S Brown, Teacher and Customer

Perfectly designed for the new 2015 spec, including:

  • Practical skills
  • Maths skills

Each test includes:

  1. Short, factual questions – quickly identify gaps in knowledge
  2. Application and/or exam-style questions – perfect for exam preparation
  3. Detailed answers – quick and easy to mark

What do teachers say about this resource? (6097)

Timesaving and genuinely valuable...hits the assessment objectives well.

I have used the Y1 equivalent and found it extremely helpful.

All the nooks and crannies of the syllabus are covered and assessed.

Clearly it assesses how well the student is keeping up and will allow me to follow up with remedial work and revision strategies. As a resource crucially it allows me to focus on the follow up: give quality feedback, I don’t have to invent the test as well.

I particularly like the emphasis on mathematics.

P Simmons, HoD and Peer Reviewer

A very well written resource that closely matches the new specification and will be invaluable for assessing at end of teaching each section.

Allows teachers and students to monitor regularly and unpick carefully the aspects students have misunderstood or haven't explained sufficiently.

The resource closely follows specification and the expectation for students answers is set at a suitable standard for A level. I think this will help students to understand how carefully they need to explain their answers and will help teachers to identify misunderstandings.

I liked that most topics fit on one side, if not one page. Reduce reprographics costs.

Marking points are clearly set out in mark scheme. Diagrams are well chosen and similar to those in exam questions

L Marsh, Assistant HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6096)

Clear mark scheme and a good variety of question styles and content tested, classic diagrams included. Inclusion of practical application questions, covering the required practicals and other common practical activities

A good mixture of question styles prepares them for a range of questions in exam and keeps up their interest levels and engagement. Clear diagrams. The questions match well with the AO’s and the proportions required, so knowledge, application, practical based questions and maths are covered.

These tests would allow me to pinpoint subject areas but also skills that students need to develop. They could be sat in relatively short periods of time, the mark scheme is clear enough to allow peer / self marking if wanted.

B Collins, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Short, to the point and a huge teacher timesaver. They allow testing on distinct areas e.g osmosis and active transport. Easy to print.

It has saved me a huge amount of time and it allows me to focus that important time on teaching and making lessons/lesson resources better.

S Brown, Teacher and Customer

I think this is an excellent resource that will help teachers to assess student understanding at topic level.

The tests follow the sections of the specification very closely so you can be sure that the tests are representative of students understanding of different topics. I liked the variety of the questions - including shorted answer recall and some applications questions.

Close mapping to specification will allow teachers and students to easily identify knowledge gaps to aide in planning next steps/targeting extra review work

L Marsh, Assistant HoD and Peer Reviewer

Clear diagrams, variety of activities and questions,

A Jancis, HoD and Peer Reviewer