Course Companions for A Level AQA Psychology

An excellent resource which should be used by all AQA psychology teachers

A Duggan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Keep students on the right track in AQA A-Level Psychology with these clear and comprehensive course notes. Written in a student-friendly language and organised in specification order, including:

Versatile resource: use either as teaching notes, as an alternative to the textbook or as topic handouts, or upgrade to editable Word version to adapt for your pupils’ specific needs.
  • Clear learning outcomes at the start of each chapter for focused work
  • Accessible notes – at an appropriate level and in sufficient depth – ensuring clear explanations of core concepts
  • Integrated tasks stimulate students interest!
  • Thought-provoking visual images and diagrams to stimulate all learners
PLUS! End-of-topic consolidation questions test and assess students’ knowledge!

The resource fully reflects the high level of learning AQA is trying to achieve for A level.

A Foster, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Exam focus!
  • Exam tips throughout the text – help students to apply their knowledge
  • Exam-style questions for each chapter in both AS and A Level style
  • Detailed mark scheme with commentary and model answers – essential exam practice

What do teachers say about this resource? (5990, 6150)

I would absolutely purchase this resource

A Foster, Psychology Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This was a good resource, it was easy to follow and students should enjoy the examples from real life.

J Winnick, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5999)

An excellent resource, with very good explanations and detail... It makes the student think and take an active role in learning. It has clear references to learning outcomes and key term highlighted.

P Crick, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource is informative and has many research examples included....The exam skills table which acts as a template on how to answer the question is really useful.

M Ransom, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The commentaries are very clearly written and clearly specify the issues... The Mindmap is an excellent memory tool. Students can be given this at the start of the session and visual learners will find love it, can put on an A3 sheet and add examples of studies

A Foster, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5989)

Excellent – particularly good for able students. Covers everything plus a lot of extra.

A Jolliffe, TEacher & Peer Reviewer

I thought it was a very good resource! Full of the right information, well set out, concise but informative... really impressed with the learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter. I like at the end of the resource there are some excellent commentaries and explanations about how to secure good examination marks on different questions. The charts are excellent and the activities are very varied.... perfectly matched to the specification

N Espiner, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

Scene-setting questions focus students’ attention... Clear answers to exam-style questions.

A Foster, Head of Psychology & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5991, 5992)

Overall the resource is a very good source of information... This can be used to really stretch the students understanding of the topic. The exam style questions are extremely useful, especially as there aren't that many exam question available for this new specification.

R Keeley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked this resource and found it interesting and applicable to students. Given that the approaches are fundamental in many other areas of psychology, it is imperative that students fully understand the similarities and difference. The resource includes real life examples to put ideas into context and aid students’ understanding. Complex ideas are broken down and made easier to understand. The resource coherently and comprehensively covers the main approaches listed in the specification.

J Wilde, NQT & Peer Reviewer

I liked the key term glossaries at the start of the chapters and at the end. I also liked it had the answers to the example questions towards the back of the booklet.

M Ransom, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A comprehensive introduction to the topic area at about appropriate level for the new A level. Could potentially replace need for text book.

K Walker, Senior Examiner & Peer Reviewer

I liked this resource. The Writer has included a lot of information some of which is used at first year university level. The humanistic approach has been well outlined. It is not an approach used in AQA Psychology. The resource fully reflects the high level of learning AQA is trying to achieve for A level. excellent mind map – will be appreciated by visual learners as all information can be absorbed without turning pages.

A Foster, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6002)

I think this is a great resource – linked well to the new 2015 specification – which will be really helpful for preparing for the new A2. This is a useful resource for A2 students as there is a lot of detail and also plenty of opportunities provided to reflect on learning and a good balance of classic and up to date research.

S Smale, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The information was extensive and would provide an alternate explanation to the textbook.... It matches the curriculum extremely well. Chapter titles follow curriculum items and material is presented in a logical order... The suggestions for debates were excellent. This will get students thinking beyond the curriculum and enable them through class discussion and debate to learn to evaluate content.

J Winnick, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very thorough and accessible resource... A variety of tasks, activities and good current examples which will engage students. The resource is also visually appealing.

L Kimber, Head of Psychology & Peer Reviewer

Excellent - good level of appropriate detail for this level. Liked the detail on studies, clear explanation of evaluative points, debate ideas, appropriate use of language, glossaries, sample Questions with answers. From class teaching perspective it could replace need for a text book... enough detail to enable student to find material needed. Unlike most textbooks which are too superficial.

K Walker, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5988, 6148)

Excellent range of class & homework activities. Excellent range of assessment

G Riles, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is an excellent resource with a lot of information. I particularly like the easy to read set out. Other resources from other companies try too hard with their designs and it can become confusing. The exam tips are useful and the activities are invaluable

A Duggan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5995, 5996)

The resource is very comprehensive and has a good proportion of numeracy within it. There are clear activities to test knowledge and understanding.

M Ransom, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5994, 6151)

I felt that this resource was pitched at the right level for A level. There was a depth of information, often illustrated with studies, that should be ample to enable passes in exams and, furthermore, this information was laid out in a clear, linear fashion.... It is particularly good to see the answers at the back of the book! Teachers would love this. Exercises are accessible and, used correctly, will test student knowledge and would prove useful as an assessment tool for teachers.

M Bryan, Private Tutor & Peer Reviewer

This is a very thorough resource that can be used to promote independent learning. It is a brilliant stretch and challenge facility providing a wealth of information, examples, studies and activities for students... This resource heavily matches the specification for September. I can see every aspect of the specification covered.

A Duggan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Overall good, collects together relevant material to address new spec content with some useful class exercises and tasks to deepen understanding. The inclusion of suggestions for investigations is excellent given greater focus of new spec on research methods and maths skills. A perfect match with new spec.

K Walker, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The mind map is an excellent learning tool, particularly for visual learners. You can see on one page all areas needed for the exam. It is helpful to students for formulating their own mind maps. Yes I would purchase this resource as I believe I would not need to add too many extra research studies and evaluations.

A Foster, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6001)

Well constructed and accessible... It provides students with a good set of notes for the topic and broader questions to consider to deepen their understanding and ability to think critically.

L Kimber, Head of Psychology & Peer Reviewer

The interactionist approach is an excellent part of the syllabus as it illustrates that schizophrenia could be triggered by many things, such as taking drugs, smoking cannabis although stress has been highlighted....Clear learning outcomes - focuses students; as also the scene setting questions

A Foster, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5998)

This resource is a fully comprehensive resource for biopsychology. It includes all the information that students need to know as well as relating the topics back to areas the students have studied. It is an excellent resource which should be used by all AQA psychology teachers. Very clear layout that is easy to use. As all the information is nicely broken down into bitesize chunks it makes this topic, which students often find scary, appear more manageable.

A Duggan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Starting resources with an overall pictorial mindmap of areas of learning is excellent. It focuses the brain. The revision task for students to make their own version of the map aids learning.

A Foster, Teacher & Peer Reviewer