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A Level Edexcel Unit 3 Pre-release Resource Pack

The 2017 Topic has landed – And it's Bridging the Development Gap!

2017 Central Americas

The focus this year is on the three Central American countries of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Located on the narrow Isthmus separating the Caribbean Sea from the Pacific Ocean, the Central Americas form a continuous land bridge between North and South America. Get to know ALL the details surrounding this interesting development issue in our 2017 Pre-release Resource Pack.

The 2017 Unit 3 Pre-release Resource Pack is available for Pre-order now!

Written specifically for the Unit 3 Advance Information booklet on Bridging the Development Gap.

The resource contains two parts:

  • Part A: Two sets of exam papers for Unit 3 Part A questions with mark schemes
    – for all Unit 3 topics (excluding the current annual synoptic topic)
  • Part B: Activities and exam practice to help students to process and break down the Unit 3 Section B pre-released information for the June examinations.

The mark schemes have really propelled the resource from good to outstanding. This is something that teachers can use to great effect... It helps deepen students learning and understanding of the pre-release booklet because it guides students on what needs to be critically looked at.

G Dhaliwal, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

The Edexcel Unit 3 Pre-release Resource Pack is written to support the Unit 3 AIB.

  • Students get to know the pre-release with detailed worksheets
  • Activities to get students thinking synoptically
  • Set the issue in context with background material
  • Stretch and challenge A* students with discussion springboards
  • Two practice papers with mark schemes covering both sections of the exam

Provides students and teachers alike with a clear structure to work through, and prepares your students for the exam.