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Student Guide to Composition for GCSE AQA Unit 2 - Popular Music (2015 Strand)

A comprehensive student guide to the Composing and Appraising Music unit of the AQA GCSE, specifically written for the June 2015 strand: Popular Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Clear, concise and student-friendly notes make composition less daunting.

  • Structured around the five Areas of Study – perfectly matched to the specification!
  • Key concepts of music theory explained, with guidance on how to apply them in their own composition
  • Musical examples throughout bring the theory to life, and practice exercises help consolidate learning and enhance composing skills
  • Includes guidance on creating the score, writing the appraisal and the assessment process
  • An example composition is built up through the resource to illustrate the composing process in action

A step-by-step student guide to the entire composition process.

What do teachers have to say about last year's edition? (5509)
"The resource is very thorough and offers a step by step walkthrough to one of the most difficult challenges students face, the composition! The resource has been crafted around the specification... I particularly like the way that the resource keeps referring back to a motif based composition which is continually developed using each Area of Study as it is explored... leaves students very clear about what is expected of them for this unit... There are a lot of very good ideas presented!" - T Last, Music Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Methods for composing melodies are well described, and helpful... The idea of an Example Composition is excellent." - P Crundwell, Head of Music and Independent Reviewer