A Level Edexcel Economics B Paper 3 Research Context Digital Resource Pack

Paper 3 2019: Labour

Give structure to the research context!

  • Essential theory and concepts explained
  • Every point of the context fully explored and linked to the specification
  • Structured research tasks enable independent learning
'Puts the concepts into context.' C Wilkinson, Teacher & Reviewer
'Helps students develop independence.' A Caldwell, HoD & Customer (Economics B)
'Saves a lot of teacher planning and research time.' S Johnson, Head of School for Business & Reviewer


  • Mini case studies put the information into context
  • Handouts and worksheets add flexible ways to tackle each section
  • Detailed case studies give them a springboard for further research and practice for the exam
  • Three practice papers with mark schemes

Network-ready, printable and editable. All specifically written for the Edexcel 2019 Paper 3 Context!

'Visual ICT-based resource which makes it interactive and very accessible... Affordable... time-saving genius.' S Belk, Teacher & Customer
'Brilliant. I purchased two others but ZigZag's was the best!' Elaine Parfitt, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8974,8975)

'A carefully crafted package. It covers all of the necessary bases... excellent teaching material that can be used in class or independently by students... It is extremely comprehensive: providing notes, data response scenarios and exam preparation material. Answers and mark schemes are effective at guiding student improvement... Exam material is comprehensive and will enhance student performance... I feel this is a high quality resource that fits the purpose of initially stimulating understanding and then developing exam preparation... A very impressive resource.' – D Holland, Head of Faculty and Independent Reviewer

Very comprehensive. Plenty of practice questions as well as detailed notes and research tasks. It had mini research tasks for students to complete and case studies to apply knowledge to. Provides a variety of resources – information, practice papers, case studies, research tasks etc Aimed at level of most A Level students and is accessible to students. – A Foster, Head of Economics & Happy Customer