Tricky Questions for A Level Edexcel A Economics

A wide variety of scenarios and types of questions to flex the mental muscles of Economics students. S Hilton, Economics Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Carefully constructed multiple-choice question bank, designed to challenge even your brightest students. Importantly includes student-friendly explanations of why each answer is right or wrong.

Superb constructive feedback on each question, including:
  • how to avoid typical errors
  • how to use diagrams and formulae
  • how to remove red herrings from your decision-making
  • Particular focus on trickiest concepts of the specification
  • Clear diagrams throughout

All questions provided in two formats:
  1. Starter questions in PowerPoint: ask students to vote on the answer – a great springboard for discussion!
  2. Write-on worksheets to accompany PowerPoints or as stand-alone activities
It will make the clever ones think and help glue the trickiest bits of theory into their heads. Frank Beran, Economics Teacher & Independent Reviewer