A Level Edexcel Economics A Course Companions

Endorsed for Edexcel

Course Companion for Theme 2 is endorsed for the 2015 A Level Edexcel Economics A Specification.

Comprehensive notes go beyond the textbooks with relevant, real-life examples that students can really relate to. Brimming with graphs and diagrams that engage visual learners and get students thinking like economists!

Written in a straightforward, easy-to-understand style... Students can throw away their dusty textbooks with confidence!

J Whatford, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Accessible, student-friendly notes on every topic
  • Highly structured, with learning objectives and references to related topics for synopticity
Prepare for exam success:
  • Exam Tips pages set out how each AO is awarded and highlight evaluation points - great for students looking for A*!
  • 'Be Careful!' boxes highlight common exam mistakes

It provides all of the necessary theory... written in an accessible style...

...Interesting websites & articles... help bring the theory to life

J Whatford, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Regular questions and activities reinforce learning – including exam-style questions
  • Key terms defined throughout, plus a complete glossary to consolidate knowledge
  • 'Learn More' activities: further study for the most able

What do teachers say about this resource? (5863)

Students can throw away their dusty textbooks with confidence! Very comprehensive... It contains a lot of theory which is written in a straightforward, easy to understand style so accessible for students... I like the references to interesting websites/articles. They help bring the theory to life... I liked the worked example regarding inflation (page 8) as I felt that it was straightforward for a student to master this topic which many students find challenging... The questions to review learning are useful... It provides all of the necessary theory. It is written in an accessible style and very comprehensive.

J Whatford, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good course companion to use alongside a more comprehensive textbook. Written in an accessible style... Good, straightforward explanations of complex topics such as NAIRU and how bonds can be traded... Very useful as an alternative to the textbook so students can get another perspective. End of section review questions very good for enhancing learning - useful for students to test understanding, but also teachers to set as homework... Side boxes with key points good.

D Bareham, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource... a comprehensive breakdown of the new Theme 2. Every topic is covered in detail with clear definitions of key terms, diagrams when applicable and summary questions at the end of each topic. Following the new specification is very helpful and obviously allows planning to be put into place... The clear way the resource has been laid out with the overview at the start of each section is very useful. I like the use of clear examples to show calculations, for example the calculations on inflation are very detailed. The highlighting of key terms is also very useful for students. Also the use of tables is very useful and saves the teacher a lot of time finding these, for example the comparison of growth rates table... I feel this resource will have a dual impact on learning. Firstly the material will be extremely useful for me as a teacher to help me plan how I am going to plan topics and the content I need to cover. Also the questions at the end of each section can allow me to select relevant type questions which will come in very helpful as finding exam style questions can be difficult for a new specification. For students this will resource can be used to replace a text book to a large extent as it is very detailed and they can find textbooks very difficult to get specific information. They could also use the resource for revision as information on topics is very clear with diagrams, definitions and questions... The clear use of headings and diagrams and tables breaks the resource up well and are used to help explain key points, also to show students how to draw appropriate diagrams... it matches the specification well, with all the areas within the Specification theme being looked at within the companion. I like the cross cover showing links to other topics. I think the use of the evaluation points are excellent and help to draw out probably the most difficult aspect of the assessment themes outlined within the specification.

G Nocher, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5862)

Fab... loved the clear link with the specification... Liked the end of unit questions.

S Sully, HoD; Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5865)

It helps for students to have accurate up to date resources.

C Richards, Economics Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5864)

Concise and a very good revision kit for students. It combined helpful hints and tips regarding exam success whilst delivering the specification content in a succinct way with the relevant graphs and explanations needed. It focused on the key information for all of the unit content that made the resource manageable for students to use whilst not going into too much detail that they would become switched off and not be able to work through it... I particularly liked how the content was broken down into questions with the answers at the back. Students are able to easily see the link between the content and what could be asked in the exam. Then the resource answered the questions directly which I feel is amazingly helpful for exam revision. I also liked where a more complex point was introduced there was an example that put it into context e.g. Sunk Costs... enhance the delivery of the unit by referring to the questions and then having the answers already provided which saves valuable time... Each section has a great checklist which covers the main learning outcomes so that pupils can check them off as they go which will help them to narrow down area of weakness towards the exam. There are plenty of activities for students to complete which helps them to test their knowledge with the answers at the back ready so they can assess themselves. I also like the YouTube links so it is a resource that suits lots of learning styles.

J Bavin, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer