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Interactive Revision Posters for AQA GCSE Music

With links to composition and performance units for all AoS. A4 versions also included!

Bring music theory to life with this interactive resource based around 6 superb photocopiable black-and-white A3 posters, interlinked with listening worksheets. Covering all Areas of Study for the Unit 1 exam. Audio CD included!

This structured revision tool ensures students (a) get to grips with music theory (b) retain knowledge and (c) apply their skills in exam-style questions.

Gradually builds up to the exam using:

  1. Attractive revision posters covering every concept and key word, using student-friendly definitions, musical extracts and audio clips
  2. Matching revision worksheets to consolidate learning – answers included
  3. Exam-style questions and answers, grouped by AoS, to provide students with the vital practice they need
  4. Summary poster including all key concepts to aid recall of information
CD includes audio examples of concepts on posters, extracts for revision worksheets, and exam-style questions

  • Helps develop analytical skills and gain confidence answering exam questions.
  • Trains students to connect aural and visual – perfect preparation for the listening exam!