The Woman in Black Gifted and Talented Pack

Challenging activity pack that stretches your gifted and more able students during their exploration of The Woman in Black at GCSE. The activities demonstrate how to achieve the highest grades possible using aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy and give students control over their own learning.

Totally meets the needs and demands of G&T pupils
I am genuinely looking forward to using this resource with my top set Y10 next year!

H Choudbury, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource covers the key areas of the text: important events, characters, context, language, structure, form, themes, ideas and interpretations. Within each key area, engaging and thought-provoking activities aim to:

  1. Prompt the recall of important points, aid comprehension and reinforce clear, advanced understanding
  2. Support literal and abstract analyses
  3. Enable students to apply their knowledge of the play to a new situation or an unseen extract, encourage individual interpretations and stimulate new, creative and individual ideas

Teacher’s notes and answers have been included for the more challenging tasks.

What do teachers say about this resource? (5663)

Excellent quality – very comprehensive... The context section was fantastic – really good ideas of how to deliver this part of the AO – often the hardest part to make accessible and interesting to pupils. All of the sections fit in perfectly with the strands on which the pupils are assessed. [I particularly like the] creative responses as well as exam/essay-type responses. This allows pupils to think outside of the box and therefore write more exploratory and analytical responses... I [also] particularly like the fact that the research has been done for me – this is the most time consuming element of lesson preparation... Totally meets the needs and demands of G&T pupils... Thought it was great – for both teachers and pupils. The range of activities was appropriate, interesting and challenging. I am genuinely looking forward to using this resource with my top set Y10 next year! H Choudbury, English Teacher

H Choudbury, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

There is an excellent range of questions and content covered, and this resource is ready to use instantly. This resource lends itself well to any student who is considering studying Literature at KS5 as language, structure and form are covered in depth... I like the flexibility of the resource as teachers can use sections as and when needed. I also like the tips which are included on most worksheets. They are small pointers which don’t seem overwhelming to students and they can easily work them into their responses. I very much like the ‘Get Creative’ tasks and I know my students would too... After each section an annotated response is included, which is invaluable for students. Students like to see graded examples and in this resource students are shown how to achieve the highest grade possible. K Greaves, English Teacher

K Greaves, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is extremely comprehensive... great for dipping in and out of... Activities are appropriately challenging...

A Baiden, Teacher & Peer Reviewer