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Pre-Release Scenario Exam Prep Pack Section B (Summer 2015): Ben the gymnast

Summer 2015 Scenario:
Ben the gymnast

GCSE AQA PE Units 1 & 3 (Section B).
Suitable for both Units 1 (short course) & 3 (full course). Full course material clearly labelled.

A unique resource, totally focused on maximising exam performance and containing the material that students need to prepare for Section B on the pre-release scenario:

  • An introduction to the scenariowhat is there and what does it mean? With key terms highlighted and explained.
  • Clear and concise revision notes, related specifically to 'Ben the gymnast', and in spec order. Activities for every section to develop exam skills and consolidate learning.
  • Two Section B practice exam papers, with model student answers and mark schemes.
  • Teaching PowerPoints for delivery of the scenario material
  • Structured revision cards

Preview last year's best-selling GCSE AQA PE Pre-Release Scenario Pack below:
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“Excellent… A guaranteed grade raiser”
H Burningham, HoD & ZigZag Customer

“Incredibly helpful – Wouldn't use anything else now.”
F Bartlett, PE Teacher & ZigZag Customer

"Excellent – also doubles up as a revision booklet. It's easily laid out, specific, and can be used for homework and for exam practice"
G Shackleton, HoD & ZigZag Customer

"Fantastic and great to have. It not only benefited our pupils but staff as well. It is a real tool to help both staff and students"
L Stirling, HoD & ZigZag Customer

"Excellent preparation for our students... We found the resource extremely helpful and time saving"
N Foster, Teacher & ZigZag Customer

"Excellent, really clear and easy to use... This will enhance the number of marks achieved by GCSE students in the exam"
C Longmore, Teacher & ZigZag Customer