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SOS Writing: How to Get a C in GCSE AQA German

Self-contained resource supports weaker students without taking up valuable class time. Trains your weaker students to get that C in AQA GCSE German!

7 specific language strategies (Opinions, Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense, Tenses Summary, Complex Sentences, Variety of Structures) are built up through carefully selected tasks.

Plus! 2 sections on vital exam preparation:
  • Content
  • Planning
Each strategy is covered in a logical structure:
  1. Introduction to the strategy
  2. Practice exercises to understand the strategy
  3. AQA-style controlled assessment task(s) for students to write their own text
  4. Checklist for self-evaluation – helps students identify strengths and weaknesses and get an insight into what examiners are looking for

  • Vocab, task type, grammar and topics all perfectly tailored to the AQA exam!