Awakening Spirituality: SMSC Development Scheme of Work for KS3

Ten standalone lessons for KS3+ to ‘awaken spiritually’ – and meet OFSTED SMSC requirements! Carefully selected stories inspire students to think about the beliefs and experiences of others. Motivates students to reflect on their attitudes to themselves and the world around them.

  • Detailed lesson plans to minimise planning
  • PowerPoint to support class discussions and activities
  • Pupil exercise booklet encourages students to reflect on their response to the story
  • Self-contained lessons – tie in for an RS lesson or tutor/PSHE time!
  • Plenty of ideas for follow-up with extension and cross-curricular links.
  • Suitable for a range of ages and whole-school assemblies.
Each lesson explores one story: 1. The Children Who Live On The Rubbish Dump; 2. So The World Will Not Change Me; 3. Feeling Vulnerable; 4. Satish Kumar And The Walk For Peace; 5. A Different Way Of Looking At Things; 6. A New Beginning; 7. The Rainbow Of Religions; 8. The Disease of Loneliness; 9. An Easter Message For All; 10. A Christmas Message
A highly valuable resource which will allow schools to become more active in SMSC education. R Dialino, Humanities Teacher & Independent Reviewer
The resource fits in very well with the overall aim of developing spirituality within the classroom. C Gibbs, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer

From the author of the Young Philosopher Course.