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AQA Computer Science 'Technical Topics' Worksheets

  1. Program Flow: Sequence
  2. Program Flow: Selection
  3. Program Flow: Repetition
  4. Handling Data in Algorithms
  5. Trace, Testing & Error Handling
  6. Binary Logic
  7. Denary ↔ Binary
  8. Denary ↔ Hexadecimal
  9. Binary ↔ Hexadecimal
  10. Binary Codes and Characters
  11. Digital Images
  12. Digital Sound
  13. Logical Operators
  14. SQL: Create Tables
  15. SQL: Add & Modify Data
  16. SQL: Extract Data

Fantastic collection of worksheets designed to help students nail the trickier areas of the specification. Provides practice and reinforcement of 16 'technical topics' – including program flow control, number systems and SQL queries.

Each worksheet:
  • is cross-referenced to the AQA Computer Science specification
  • includes student-friendly notes and worked examples

  • Full solutions allow quick, easy marking
  • Mark sheet enables students to track their progress/performance
  • Use in class or as homeworks; to support your teaching or for revision

Also provided as an A5 workbook!