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A Level Government and Politics Keyword Activities

Ensure students get to grips with the essential terminology, facts and theorists with fantastic topic-by-topic activities. Comprehensively covers each unit providing a sound basis for the whole course.

The content for each unit is broken down into 16 sets of keywords and key figures, with inventive clues and descriptions. For each set there are four different activities, providing varied and flexible options for classroom learning, homework and revision.

  • Activity worksheets for individual and group work (match-up, dominoes, fill in the gap)
  • Interactive crosswords – great for networks and VLE’s

  • Complete solutions included – an invaluable revision tool for students
Feedback on the Previous Edition of Crosswords
"I liked the concept of crosswords... Liked the topic break down... By providing students with exercises that consolidate their knowledge it gives students a chance to show (even students of low ability in writing prose) that they know more than they think they do - concepts and examples wise... It is definitely useful to students to check their knowledge." — H Connellan, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A welcome resource... Matches the specification well... Sufficiently searching for A2 level." — R Cochlin, Head of Politics & Independent Reviewer
"Like them as revision tools to re-enforce key information and facts... Covers all the key points of the specification." — B Williams, USA Government and Politics Examiner & Independent Reviewer
“I do like the idea of crosswords as this makes an alternative activity and I could use them in lots of ways." — S McCarthy, Head of Politics & Independent Reviewer
"Very user-friendly... very thorough coverage of the specification... Certainly useful for revision!" — B Williams, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A good resource as it is an interesting tool for revision which is particularly good for what is quite and abstract subject... I particularly liked the idea that students were learning whilst having fun. They all enjoyed the idea of doing crosswords and so were more motivated... clear and easy to use... covered all the major aspects of the specification." — P Tutty, Head of Politics & Independent Reviewer