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AQA B Lang: ENGB1 Independent Study Scrapbooks

I love this resource! This is the best resource I have reviewed yet. This will save me time; help me with my teaching and my students with their learning. L Meredith, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Want to encourage your students to tackle data independently? The ENGB1 Independent Study Scrapbook will support your students in undertaking weekly mini-research tasks. The two scrapbooks (one for Section A and one for Section B) can be given out at the beginning of the year and can be easily monitored or sections developed into whole lessons.

Students search out their own data, paste it into the booklet and respond to the prompts by performing a variety of analytical exercises on their data. Students gain a wider experience of data types and contexts, apply and practise what they have learned in class and become more independent. Guidance and examples also included.

Section A tasks include:

  1. Spontaneous speech transcription
  2. Close linguistic analysis
  3. Register analysis
  4. Engaging with the complexities of context
  5. The language of persuasion
  6. Contexts of reception
  7. Categorising texts: creating a range of groups
  8. How a categorising texts answer is rewarded
Section B tasks include:

  1. Advertising
  2. Terms and conditions documents
  3. Prime Minister’s Question Time
  4. School letter
  5. Corporate communication
  6. Identifying context
  1. Representing speech in text messages
  2. Instant Messaging
  3. Radio Sports Commentary
  4. Web pages: graphology, multimodality, interactivity
  5. Social Media: lexical and semantic processes
  1. Representation
  2. Assertions of Lakoff (1975)
  3. Female Language: The research of Deborah Jones (1990)
  4. Advertising
  5. The research of Deborah Jones (1990)