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AQA A Lang: ENGA3 Language Variation and Change

  1. Language Variation
    • Social Variation: Gender, Class, Ethnicity, Age, Sexuality, Occupation and Interest
    • Geographical Variation: UK Accent and Dialect, Global Varieties of English
    • Research and Theory on Variation
    • Attitudes to Variation
  2. Language Change
    • Background
    • Key Periods
    • The Contemporary Period
    • Theories
    • Attitudes to Change
    • Language Change and Discourse in the Media
  3. Exam Preparation

Student-friendly notes, classroom and homework activities to develop understanding of the topic of Language Variation and Change, and how to apply that knowledge in the ENGA3 exam.

The activities encourage research and exploration of different varieties of English and, importantly, target:

  • Analysis of unseen text/data
  • Discussion of principles of variation and change
  • Linking theory/research to analysis
  • How to apply knowledge in Section A and B of the exam

Comprehensive, clear, concise and easy-to-use, it covers all aspects of language variation and change and works hard to answer most of the questions students will have on the exam.

It is much clearer to follow than the standard course books and revision guides I've seen. I wish I'd had it previously when helping A/AS level students. D Massey, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer