Greek Myths: Three Short Plays for KS4

An exciting and accessible way-in to Greek Theatre

A strong resource and a good starting point for introducing Greek theatre

J Gillespie, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Three familiar ancient Greek myths dramatised as 30-minute plays for KS4 students. All are easy to read, involve young adults in highly dramatic situations, and are handy for independent work in medium-size groups. Also perfect for use as exam preparation pieces for GCSE AQA and Edexcel exams and BTEC Edexcel auditions.

  • ‘Darkness’ – The Abduction of Persephone (Kore) by Hades, King of the Underworld
  • ‘Echo’ – Iphigenia is to marry the greatest hero alive, Achilles
  • ‘Hero’ – The legend of the great Theseus and the Minotaur

Each play is preceded by teacher notes and suggestions for interactive activities, which are great to use before and during the play to get your students practically involved in Greek Theatre.

What do teachers say about this resource? (5075)

The plays are very accessible, enjoyable and manageable for a department with even modest production budgets. The extended activities were also useful in exploring the stories further. The scripts are very accessible and I feel learners would be confident in approaching them. The fact that these plays have been performed in public gives me confidence that they would be well-received and the writer knows what they're doing

A Baiden, English/Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This was an excellent resource which would be a very useful handbook for a drama teacher working to introduce Greek Drama to teenagers or to prepare them for a Drama exam. I liked the way it had adapted the language of the original for young people, making it accessible to them but also perserving the Greek texture, thoughts, feelings and ideas

K McLoughlin, Drama/English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I felt that this was a strong resource and a good starting point for introducing Greek theatre in drama. The students would be engaged by this and I felt that it contained really good ideas. I liked the length of the plays and the accessibility for the students. Its educational value is in its accessibility – the short plays are just enough to get students interested and not too overwhelmed

J Gillespie, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer