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Christina Rossetti Poetry Guide for A Level

A comprehensive collection of commentaries and analysis on 15 Christina Rossetti poems, with an overview of the poems, suggestions for further reading and a brief biography. The guide could easily be used by teachers as the basis for a programme of study with a teaching group or more independently by students as part of self-supported study.

Each poem commentary includes analysis of:
  1. the structural and form features
  2. the language and messages in each stanza
  3. the context of the poem in relation to other work by Rossetti

Talking points are interspersed throughout to prompt further reflection and discussion of each poem and of Rossetti’s poetry in general.

Essential that students understand the Language/Form/Structure and this resource explained them all well.

S Fallon, Retired English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

Poem Selection:

  • A Birthday
  • Song (When I am dead…)
  • Uphill
  • Remember
  • Echo
  • Twice
  • Maude Clare
  • Shut Out
  • A Better Resurrection
  • Winter: My Secret
  • Good Friday
  • Despised and Rejected
  • The Lowest Place
  • Summer Is Ended
  • To Lalla, reading my verses topsy-turvy