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A Level AQA BUSS4 Research Theme Digital Resource Pack

BUSS4 2016: Technological Change: e-commerce

Give structure to the open-ended nature of the AQA Research Theme!

  • Essential theory and concepts explained
  • Detailed notes on each area of the research theme
  • Structured research tasks enable independent learning
  • Three practice exam papers with mark schemes – including questions for every point of the theme
  • Exam technique guidance

NEW! Fully integrate the research theme in your teaching with this modular digital product:

  • VLE-ready, printable and editable*
  • Embedded videos & links help students get stuck into their research immediately

All specifically written for AQA 2016 Research Theme for BUSS4 - e-commerce!

* All content is either HTML editable or Word editable.

Also available - BUSS4 Comparative Case Studies: e-commerce - new resource full of detailed case studies to give your students plenty of preparation for the exam.

What do teachers have to say about the 2015 Resource Pack? (5590)
'This is a great resource that covers all elements of the bullet points set out in the AQA pre release case material. Not only does it provide case material but it also provides exam questions and possible answers which for this exam is invaluable... gives the students a good platform to start their research, it has activities that can develop their understanding alongside practice papers that can help develop their exam technique.'– J Harrison, Assistant Curriculum Director, Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about the 2014 Resource Pack? (5258)
'Excellent, interactive, visual, added great dimension... visual, ICT resource based which makes it interactive and very accessible to both students and I... Affordable and great resource for students and teacher – time saving genius.'– S Belk, Teacher & Customer
'I was impressed by the range and depth of the materials. They are extensive in their coverage of the topic and are extremely well written. They will benefit the student who is prepared to make the effort to put them to get use... I liked the range of issues considered and the depth the issues are covered... the exercises at the end of each section are very useful, as are the links to other materials... These materials are written in such a way that both the self-motivated, independent student and students who are maybe less so can read and understand. The materials are lucid and often self-explanatory and they offer something for everyone... The layout is appropriate. The issues raised are dealt with in an effective and logical sequence and each section is covered in the kind of depth so that students of all ability ranges can derive benefit from them... Many of the topics in the spec can be applied to the China topic, which makes it valuable for both units 3 and 4. eg workforce plans for a move to China will mean looking at different objectives for that country, same with market planning and operations management, so the topic will help students with how they approach both units... It's at least as good, if not better, than previous such materials I've seen from ZigZag Education... They will be a major asset to the students looking for the A* grades.'– L Todd, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about the 2013 Resource Pack? (5000)
'A very impressive and concise body of work, well laid out and sufficiently well detailed to be extremely useful to the student wanting to know more about corporate culture. There's a considerable array of valuable material for students to enhance their learning... I particularly liked the inclusion of the works of business writers such as Deal and Kennedy and Sonnenfield, whom the student would probably not come across in ordinary 'A' level study. Their works will give the student a wider framework against which to set the companies they research for the topic... Also, the range and breadth of exercises, which are designed to stretch student in their research. The examples provided, of firms like Pepsico and Pixar, give a valuable hint as to how firms can be investigated from the perspective of the work of the above named writers.This resource enhances learning through the depth and brevity of the materials included. They are in line with what the exam board would expect the student to know and understand. Materials are detailed yet accessible. The exam tips and the practice papers are particularly well designed and provide all the tips that the student should be aware of in their preparation for the exams.Unit 4 of the Spec deals with Business and Change, and the materials provided will enable the student to cover a wide range of issues in the spec from the standpoint of change. It will enable them to examine topics like Leadership and Planning for Change from the same standpoint, which will help broaden and deepen their knowledge. It will also aid in developing skills of evaluation and synthesis.... a very effective learning resource that I will recommend to my students and to other teachers I know.'L Todd, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'An extremely comprehensive resource which offers to both students and teachers a clear focus on how to tackle this research theme... The use of the theorists is very clear and is an excellent addition for students to use in their exam. Another very good aspect of the resource is the numerous business examples used throughout which again are a key in doing well within the exam. Also at the end of each section I like the choice of research tasks that are offered, which again gives a clear focus for students. I also like the final section on the mock exam both in terms of having three papers to select from and with answers to back them up makes it a complete resource.The section on tackling the exam is also a valuable addition as technique is an overlooked element of the exam and gives clear advice to students which can be put into practice at an early stage and gives the students the essential tools to aid them in their success. As a teacher I also found this section excellent and continue to help me in what I tell the students with regards to their approach to exam technique.'G Nocher, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer