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W Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience Study Guide for A Level w/audio

As someone who has only ever dipped in and out of Blake, this resource gives me the confidence to include these in my curriculum. Lots of questions as thoughtful prompts, good!

A Baiden, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

A thorough collection of insightful A Level notes on all poems within Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Notes are interspersed with thoughtful prompts and activities for students to:

  1. expand their knowledge & research into Blake’s collection
  2. to encourage comparisons within the collection itself
  3. to support creative independent analysis of each poem.

This guide is designed to lead both teachers new to the poems and teachers who know the poems well towards areas of analysis that will surprise and challenge their students. Each poem has been explored using the following structure when appropriate:

  • Summary
  • Important analysis points, such as imagery, themes, form & structure, interpretations, oppositions, and language
  • Did you know? Boxes offer contextual information and/or Compare and Contrast boxes offer thoughtful prompts to exploring the poem in relation to others in the collection
  • Student activities, such as analysing language techniques, comparison exercises, close-reading tasks, and comprehension questions
Importantly includes:
  1. Support for AQA B, OCR and WJEC Literature examinations
  2. A CD of the poems recorded by professional Globe actor to bring the poems to life
  3. Images of the engravings which are vital to the understanding and evaluation of these poems