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GCSE AQA A Geographical Skills

Students learn how to create and interpret every type of map, graph, diagram and photograph needed for the GCSE AQA A exams and fieldwork!

  • Every skill is explained clearly and concisely, with examples
  • ‘Technique Tips’ and ‘Exam Hints’ help students avoid common mistakes
  • Practice Exercises to put skills into practice
  • Exam-Style Questions (Higher and Foundation) prepare your students for the exam!
Three comprehensive sections covering the entire GCSE AQA A Skills Checklist:
  1. Graphical SkillsLine & Bar Graphs (Simple, Comparative, Divided, Divergent), Pie Diagrams, Located Diagrams, Scattergraphs
  2. Mapping SkillsOS Maps, Scales, Grid References, Contour Lines, Distances & Directions, Valley Cross Sections, River Cross Profiles, Long Profile of a River, Flow & Desire Lines, Choropleth Maps, Isoline Maps
  3. Enquiry, Photographic and ICT SkillsInvestigation, Methodology, Data Collection (Primary & Secondary), Mean, Median, Dispersion, Interquartile Range, Mode, Aerial & Ground-Level Photographs, Sketches from Photos / in the Field, Satellite Photographs, GIS

  • Detailed answers included
  • A5 – provided in A4 & A5 formats
  • CD PowerPoints support your delivery with all maps & diagrams in colour