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Question 9 Grammar: Exam Practice Bank AQA AS Spanish

It is good for reinforcing vocab and, given that the grammar gap-fill is a difficult activity for students, it would offer them a lot of excellent opportunities to practise.

G Smith, HOD and Independent Reviewer

340 exam-style grammar gap-fill questions to practise Question 9 of the AS AQA Spanish Exam:

  • 20 questions for each of the 12 AS exam topics – presented in specification order to give students plenty of exam practice that matches the topic and vocabulary that they are studying
  • 10 questions each on 5 key grammar points (agreement, present tenses, past tenses, future tenses and the subjunctive) that students find difficult
  • 5 tests which exactly mimic the real exam
  • Grammar grid shows the grammar covered by each test so you can easily find questions that match what you are teaching.
  • Marking grids for easy marking or independent learning
  • Improves overall accuracy in students’ written work