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GCSE OCR A293 Digital Pre-Release Resource Pack 2018 (Digi+Paper)

Structured and focused, enabling students to access the GCSE OCR 2018 case study. Provides students and teachers alike with a structure to work through, and prepares your students for the exam.

Thorough Walkthrough

  • Accessible commentary guides students through
  • Key questions help students get to grips with the case study
  • Students build up their own glossary as key terms come up

Key Materials

  • Revise key topics with topic worksheets
  • Boost your delivery with matching presentations
  • Practice exam questions by topic
  • PLUS! 2 practice exam papers
  • Glossary, answers & mark schemes included

All specifically written for the 2018 case study.

Preview last year's edition:

‘A comprehensive and well-structured resource... Covers all areas of the pre-release in sufficient depth... The questions are well devised... Allows the teacher to use each element individually or as an entire companion to the pre-release... adheres strictly to the exam board specification.’

L Sweetman, Head of Business Studies, Independent Reviewer (previous edition)
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2015 edition)
"This resource gets pupils to go through the prerelease material with a fine tooth comb and helps make them experts in the topics as well as the case study, which should save them time in the actual exam... I like the section by section nature of the workbook and the variety of questions. Having the specific keywords for each section is a really good idea and makes sure pupils use subject specific language as well as making sure they can access the question." – T Miller, Curriculum Leader & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2013 edition)
'Having purchased resources for the OCR GCSE Business Studies A293 exam from a few different companies, I must say that our department was VERY pleased with the resources we received from ZigZag. We especially found the powerpoint presentations (with accompanying notes) and the Mock Exams (with Mark Schemes) very helpful. We will definitely be ordering again!' – Ms C Jaeggi, Head of Department and Customer
'Good preparation for A293... the questions were excellent research and practise for the students... The mock papers covered a good number fo the likely topic areas... Student booklet excellet for independent study of the case and I could give it to students to work through on their own. I think it focusses students on the case in a way that they probably would not do if left to their own devices.' – S Dyer, Head of Department, principal examiner & independent reviewer
'This resource could help teachers take pupils through the OCR case study in a way that will help them in the exam. The structure of the printed material is usefulI particularly like the guidance on what pupils should be looking for and what information they should focus on from the case study in the walk through section. The walk through also has a section where pupils put the key terms into the context of the case study, which should help them achieve A01 and A02 in the exam. There are then some relevant questions to elicit pupils understanding of the topic and the case study which should support even the weaker pupils.This resource enhances learning by providing a structure for pupils to both learn and then relate their subject knowledge to the case study. This resource has significant educational value through the consolidation of pupils understanding of the topic and prompting them to put their understanding into the context of the pre release case study. This will deepen their knowledge and prompt them to improve their exam performanceThis resource matches the specification very closely and focuses on the main requirements of the topics pupils can expect to face in the exam. There is good interpretation of the specification through the handouts, the walk through section and the practice questions.' – T Miller, Business Studies Teacher & Indepenedent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2014 edition)
'This resource was helpful for both teachers and pupils, though it could benefit from clearer learning outcomes and some level of differentiation... One thing I particularly liked was the walk-through with questions as this enables pupils to become experts on the prerelease material well before the exam... This resource enhances learning by getting pupils to apply the specification content to the case study in specific ways which will help them in the exam. There is great educational value in this resource as it reinforces the specification content and promotes pupil thinking.'– T Miller, Curriculum Leader & Independent Reviewer
'I like the walk through introduction to the case which helps the learner gain an overview of what the story is about and also helps direct them to the key points that they might be examined on. The resource is comprehensive and supports learners with independent research and revision in their own time... It is very comprehensive and guides students through the various aspects to consider. All answers are given which are helpful.'– J Whatford, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer