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AQA B Lit: Frost Teaching Notes with Activities

This resource not only aided my students understanding and appreciation, but mine as well. Without it, I don’t think I would have had the depth of analysis required for the successful teaching of Frosts poetry.

A Moffitt, Head of English & Independent Reviewer

A collection of teaching notes for all nine set poems for the new AQA B Lit exam on aspects of narrative. Plus comprehensive exam help! Clear and easy to navigate, this pack also offers insightful interpretations and thought-provoking questions and activities allowing students and teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the poet (AO2).

  • Easily accessible background and context to Frost’s cultural world, style and ideas to help with AO3 and AO4
  • Analysis of aspects of Frost’s narrative arts and ways of telling his stories to help with AO3 and AO4
  • Discussion of what ‘narrative’ means to help with AO3 and AO4
  • Specific advice on what to provide in an answer and typical questions
  • General advice to teachers on approaches to teaching the poems
  • A glossary of terms, ideas and more complex words that help the student write well and fulfil AO1

Poems covered include:
• The Wood Pile • The Road Not Taken • Out, Out • The Ax Helve • Stopping by Woods • An Unstamped Letter • The Draft Horse • A Considerable Speck • After Apple-Picking