AQA B Lit: Teaching Comedy: Introductory Scheme for A Level

Written by the same fantastic writer who brought you ‘Teaching Tragedy for AQA B Lit

A concise 16-lesson introductory scheme by which students can learn the history, origin and theory of comedy, and the development of the English comic style, using extracts from such plays as The Merchant of Venice and Every Man in his Humour.

Students are taught through worksheets and activities including:

  • Extracts of texts
  • Annotation and close reading tasks
  • Research activities
  • Conventional and re-creative tasks for varied coursework practice

Not only does this pack introduce students to Comedy, it also goes further to help with the final coursework task by providing suggestions for coursework titles and student-friendly AOs.

I would recommend this resource to both teachers and students alike, not just those studying for the AQA B Lit Syllabus, but also for those looking at Comedy and Theatre in general.

K McCord, Private Tutor and Ind. Reviewer