GCSE AQA Unit 1 Serial TV Drama Teaching Pack (2018 exam)

Lesson coverage:
Serial TV Drama Categories • Subgenres • Narrative Structure and Theories • Camera Techniques • Sound Techniques • Editing Techniques • Representation • Audience Institutions and Scheduling • Pitching • Storyboarding • Press Releases • Advertising, Promotion and Marketing • Cross-Media Convergence • Regulation • The Exam

Detailed SoW of 22 lessons with structured lesson plans and all associated resources, including PowerPoints and worksheets, provided. Clearly structured to help you deliver this year's exam topic smoothly. Designed specifically for the AQA specification.

Progresses from genre conventions & key concepts to exam-specific activities:

  • Genre conventions and key concepts reinforced throughout
  • Thorough practice for pitching & design


Structured Lesson Plans:
• Aims • Starters • Main Learning Activity • Extension • Plenaries • Homework

Please note: This resource requires access to the following programmes: Gotham – Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot, Downton Abbey – Season 1 Episode 1, The Night Shift Season 1 Episode 7 Blood Brothers.

All programmes listed above are available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime (free trials available).

Praise for Previous Annual Resource Packs...

Fantastic. Never before has opening a resource made me verbally astounded.

P Town, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

So user-friendly, really engaging & fun – at just the right level for Year 11s… having all the activities & PowerPoints prepared to such a high standard leaves me free to concentrate on the teaching itself.

N Blackborow, Media Teacher & Customer

Clearly focused on the exam topic. Ready to go... students engaged with & enjoyed the activities...
matches the AQA spec perfectly.

J Goldsmith, HoD & Happy Customer

Brilliant! Clear & student-friendly… thank you!

Z Reynolds, HoD & Happy Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2015 Edition)
Fantastic. Never before has opening a resource made me verbally astounded. The sheer amount of work and research that has gone into this is worthy of the price alone. Everything is done for you. There are detailed lesson plans, lists of resources, suggestions for homework and PowerPoints which, even if you needed some adaptation for your group, are a fantastic time saver. - P Town, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
The resource does a very good job of equipping students with all the information they will need...and does a good job of fitting the delivery of a broad and complex topic into an appropriate time-frame - P Dyas, Teach, Examiner and Independent Reviewer
This is a very extensive set of lesson plans which would be very useful to teachers of the specification and to those too busy to produce lesson-by lesson resources for the exam topic. The 2015 topic was always going to be a challenge to make engaging for the students and this goes a long way to make the topic accessible and suitably challenging - S Leonard, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer
'I really like this resource, it is clearly laid out and covers a wide range of topics linked to TV News. I feel that it will be extremely useful for teachers teaching the controlled topic for next year... I liked that it uses resources that are already available to teachers e.g. the BBC clips and that it offers an opportunity to tie in with the BBC School News Report Day. The longer questions at the back are relevant and close to the style of those that come up on the exam paper... It has massive educational value as it relates to the controlled test topic for next year. It incorporates all the key assessment objectives and offers opportunity for teachers to differentiate for their classes and allow for stretch and challenge... this resource matches and interprets the specification well as it gives analytical and pre-production opportunities helping students to build up a portfolio of case studies and a bank of ideas for whatever tasks may come up in the exam.'– E Fraser, Head of Film and Media, Independent Reviewer
'The resource is well matched to the specification, giving teachers a clear path to follow, and learners a course in applying the key concepts of media language, audience, institution and representation to the topic of TV news. The lessons are all focused on either a key concept or the development of practical skills, and prepare learners for the extremely challenging examination of only 90 minutes... I liked the logical progression of concept and theory to practical application, with the key concepts clearly addressed in each lesson... The resource closely matches the specification, with its basis being the key concepts, allied to practical exercises. This closely mirrors the demanding 90 minute examination where learners have to address audience and institutional issues, then produce a practical demonstration of their understanding in the form of a storyboard or web page.'– J Stenner, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2014 Edition)
'The resource is very thorough and looks at all aspects of computer gaming. It is very interesting and uses many different strategies to engage students with a range of activities for them to undertake... A good focus on new technology which compliments the topic area... Mock exam set up is realistic and the questions and brief are well laid out. The powerpoints are stylistic and easy to read... This will enhance the learning of students - enables stretch and challenge where appropriate, enhances the use of and emphasizes new technology, it is current with lots of interest and up to date examples, includes a range of media issues and debates that are interesting... The resource meets the requirements of the exam and allows students to gain knowledge to meet the assessment objectives. It is well focussed and develops the learning of the students to be able to eventually answer the questions in the exam. It certainly promotes development and progression.'– E Smyth, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
'I'm impressed... Particularly like the list of links at start and the quick overview of what is in each lesson. I like some of the innovative ideas... I also like lesson 8 - reverse storyboard, a task I hadn't thought of getting students to do, but a really useful idea to aid understanding. Love the way the lesson on pitching is presented in L10. This is not an area that should be taught in a dry way from p/point info and this scheme makes sure that is the case - numerous opportunities for students to try things out for themselves... Ideally suited to AQA set exam area for 2014 exam. Takes away the need for teachers to have to research and stress about an area they may not feel confident with; provides everything needed (and actually probably more than is required.) Really user friendly. Having the quick summary of lessons allows those who are more familiar with the specification and design of the exam the brief overview they need, whilst the detailed lesson plans allow teachers new to the format to deliver material with complete confidence. Great links to YouTube / other useful video resources. I think the author has thought of everything even down to providing examples of past game play that can be installed for student use (lesson 2) and providing resources in different formats for teachers no matter what they use (PC, Apple Mac etc.)... Covers all aspects of the spec in depth. Allows practice of several practical skills that may be required for the exam but also the knowledge question they are likely to get in exam (e.g. homework ask L11.) Good use of media theories and technical vocabulary which will allow students to access higher grades. Lessons from 14 onwards really focus in on skills to help students prep for the exam and reassure them (and the teacher!) that everything has been covered. A great opportunity to also sit a mock exam paper and mark it using real criteria... I would purchase it without hesitation. Many teachers will be a little uncomfortable with this as an exam area as gaming is often viewed as the world of the young... I now find myself looking forward to the challenge of delivering it as I will be leaning about a less familiar area myself from a really comprehensively guided resource pack... Having reviewed this scheme a number of times in the past (e.g. for this element of the course) I have to say this is one of the easiest to follow, I feel completely confident that when the time comes this year to begin delivery I will be guiding my pupils well if I use this scheme. It has also massively reassured me with an area that I am less familiar with. Would buy and will recommend.'– L Bird, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
'It's a really useful resource, I have had no idea where to even start with this topic but this resource seems to have taken all the hard work out! I like that the lesson plans are well detailed and interactive and the the author has used a range of well researched sources which would save me a job... There are a number of ways this resource enhances learning, it allows for teacher guided work whilst the key learning is taking place and then lets the students take a more independent role in their learning. Educationally this has great value as it is important that schools are developing independent learners... It matches the specification really well.'– E Fraser, Head of Media & Film, Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource that really covers all of the requisite learning aims comprehensively and thoroughly. All key concepts are covered in good depth and the resources to accompany each lesson are well thought through and designed... I really liked the way the resource went into depth about the requirements of the exam and how students could make sure they met them. The additional lessons that have been included are also entirely relevant and I will make time for these to be included in the scheme of work... The embedding of different theories within the scheme of work, automatically make this suitable for increasing levels of challenge. This resource really caters for students with varying levels of prior knowledge of computers games, providing opportunities for those with none to catch up, while those with some can stretch and improve... The scheme of work is laid out logically and in a way that makes sense... The resources matches up perfectly with the specification and pays particular attention to the guidance material released by the exam board. All of the assessment objectives are covered along with the suggested content from the guidance material... Thank you for sharing such a wonderful body of work.'– R Crabb, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2013 Edition)
'There is enough structure for a media teacher to construct an individual lesson without being directed too formally... I liked the way the resource gave me a bank of ideas but not a prescriptive list... I liked the way students had to be active and pursue their own research, and think about their own methodology - always good to explore the way they approach this crucial skill. The clear application of media theory was very appropriate and likely to come in handy in the examination... The resource matches the specification well and integrated appropriate ideas such as the uses and gratification theory well.' – J Stenner, Head of Creative Media & Independent Reviewer
'Easily accessible for lower ability learners... it can be picked up and used by specialists and non-specialist media teachers.' – D Thomson, Head of Drama, Media and Digital Technologies, Independent Reviewer
'I like the starters and the resources. Very clearly labelled and a teacher could pick these up and work with them very quickly. The institution part of the course was good - neat information packaged up... the in-role writing was good.' – C Bruce, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource, very well planned, easy to follow format full of activities and learning opportunities for students. Each lesson has an opportunity for students to discover for themselves the learning required, rather than being taught. The lessons provide the necessary scaffolding for students to progress on their learning journey.There are lots of opportunities for group and paired work and independent learning tasks to be completed for homework. There is a start and end audit which allows students to measure progression of learning. All the relevant key concepts are covered over the SOW providing perfect support for the exam topic. There are opportunities to practice the practical tasks which are likely to appear in the exam paper. Used in conjunction with the Practise Papers which I reviewed before they both make a very relevant package.I am actually inspired by this scheme of work, I wish I was a student again - really fun and relevant! Definitely matches the specification.' – S Crawte, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
'Good for initiating the topic and getting the students to assess what they already know, as well as the gaps in their knowledge... I particularly like how it builds the students up to peer mark an exam and gives them sample questions.' – E Smyth, 2011-12 author & independent reviewer