Topical Articles and Exercises for AS and A2 French

15 original French texts in each resource, written by a native speaker on a variety of up-to-date topics. With answers, for easy marking.

Each resource has a wide range of articles about current issues and French culture that will interest students.

For example:
  • Topical Articles for AS Volume 1 4th Edition (2013)
    Le recyclage, La télé réalité, Londres 2012, Le festival de Cannes...
  • Topical Articles for AS Volume 2 4th Edition (2013)
    Le verlan, Le cinéma, La mode, Handball, ski et pétanque...
  • Topical Articles for AS Volume 3
    Zumba, Marion Cotillard, L’égalité hommes-femmes, L’évolution du rap en France...
  • Topical Articles for A2 Volume 1 4th Edition (2013)
    L'immigration, Le chômage, Edith Piaf, La pollution...
  • Topical Articles for A2 Volume 2 4th Edition (2013)
    Le nuage de cendres, Nicolas Sarkozy, Les violences urbaines...
  • Topical Articles for A2 Volume 3
    Monaco, L’harcèlement moral, Le plan Vigipirate, La guerre au Mali...

Each 180–500 word text is accompanied by a list of tricky vocab with English translations and is followed by a page of exercises:

  • Comprehension questions in French and English
  • Grammar exercises linked to the topic
  • Sentences to translate, selected from the text
  • ‘Thinking’ Questions – great preparation for oral or written exams
“Very useful in that it covers a variety of contemporary topics (all in one place!)… It will save you HOURS of time creating texts and questions.” E Welburn, French teacher, independent reviewer

“Good variety of exercises, good exam practice… The ‘Thinking Questions’ are good preparation for the oral and written exams… I think this is a very well prepared, useful resource.” G Clegg, Languages teacher, independent reviewer

“I particularly like the variation in exercises which frequently revisit the basics of grammar but using adult content – this is not going to make students feel patronised... Ideal for homework tasks or class revision.” C Walles, Languages teacher, independent reviewer

“A good selection of extension reading material for A2.” M Bennett, HoD at Cokethorpe School and Independent Reviewer

“Why spend those hours trawling the Internet when ZigZag has already done all the hard work!” A Malem, MFL Co-ordinator at Tring Park School and ZigZag Customer

Also Available for GCSE French and German and AS and A2 Spanish