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GCSE Edexcel Unit 16 Mark’s Gospel Revision Summaries w/Exam Practice (endorsed)

A wonderful short-hand version for them to use at revision times throughout the course. J Van-Ebo, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer
Endorsed for Edexcel

Complete and versatile bank of revision material!

  • 44 topic summaries covering every story on the spec!
  • 264 practice exam-style questions – 6 per topic
  • 90-page detailed answer booklet

Each story covered in specification order, with concise notes on what students need to know (side A) and 6 exam-style questions for perfect practice (side B).

Versatile Formats
  • Simple A4 ‘topic-on-a-page’ format
  • Photocopiable A5 revision booklets (optional: Simply guillotine the booklets and you have 44 A5 Revision Cards for students to revise one topic at a time)

Teaching and Progress Tracking

  • Hand out the summaries after you teach each story
  • Use the exam questions as ongoing pupil assessment

Student Revision

  • Concise, bite-size format makes revision manageable and achievable
  • Can be used independently, either as a Revision Booklet or as Revision Cards
  • Motivating Revision Checklist helps them schedule revision & ensure they’ve covered everything

Topic Summaries
  • Key people and words explained
  • Bullet-point summary of each relevant passage
  • Notes relate the stories to the topic, and show ‘why this is important for Christians today’
Exam-Style Questions
  • 264 practice exam-style questions with student-friendly answers!
  • Includes spelling, punctuation and grammar questions – new for 2013 exams!