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Step-By-Step Workbooks for GCSE AQA Business

For AQA Applied Business (4136) and AQA Business Studies (4133)

Flexible activity workbook to support your teaching. Packed with exercises which clearly break down every point of the specification topic.

It's flexible

Give students the workbook after teaching each sub-topic
Students are then prompted to peer-assess each other’s answers
The class then review the topic with the teacher (ideally with a projector)
Students then have a complete workbook to revise from

By peer assessing and reviewing answers with the teacher, students have multiple opportunities to understand and remember all the key points.

Questions and visual exercises enable all students to engage with the topic:
  • Structured and accessible tasks support the less able
  • Extension tasks stretch the more able

Provided as:
  1. Three A5 workbooks – 72 pgs
  2. One A4 master – 72 pgs (ideal for e.g. dyslexic students)

Plus teacher’s answers book – also included on CD.

Provides exercises which can be used anywhere in a lesson: as a starter or plenary or as a build up to a class task.

S Haynes, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer