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Topical Articles with Podcasts

Bring Religious Studies to life!

9 exam-relevant articles for AS Edexcel Philosophy of Religion!
God is in control: miracle on the football pitch?
Copernicus and Cosmology
God and the Higgs Boson
The Syrian conflict – moral evil
Earthquake in Christchurch – natural evil
Cosmology and the Cosmological Argument
Popular anti-Christian antagonist who will be sorely missed
Clash of the Titans: Dawkins vs the Archbishop of Canterbury
Discovery of the oldest light in the sky

10 exam-relevant articles for AS Edexcel Ethics!
Altruism: what’s in it for me?
Joseph Fletcher, Terry Pratchett & the right to die
Money: immoral or amoral?
Hacking and happiness
What makes a conflict just?
Does religious morality protect girls?
Redefining marriage
Law of the land or law of love?
Ethical approaches to the MPs’ expenses scandal
Football and friendship: agape love in action

Exam-relevant issues explored with up-to-date case studies – in student-friendly language. Complete with tasks and exam-style questions – use them as stimulus for class discussion, self-contained homeworks, or springboards for students’ independent learning.

  • Key tasks ensure students get to grips with the issue
  • Discussion questions stimulate class debate
  • Exam-style questions help students to apply ethical theories to real-life scenarios
  • Detailed answers provided
  • Explanation of key terms in every article

Plus! All articles recorded as ‘podcasts’ – ideal for auditory learners!

  • Play them to the class or give to students for iPod revision.
  • Provided both as an audio CD and MP3 files.

Listen to Ethics Article 2 right now for free!
Sample discussion questions are provided at the end - see the printed resource for more detailed questions.

You can also view an inspection copy of the printed articles.