Antony and Cleopatra Activity Pack

A real variety of activities designed to develop understanding of the play from all angles.

A really helpful resource that makes the task of teaching this play at A-level so much easier

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Activities can complement an existing scheme of work or used for a comprehensive ‘work through’ of the play. Covers all scenes so that students engage with the play through creative exploration, such as:

  • Learning about dramatic conventions by designing a new production
  • Understanding character motivations and the importance of Shakespeare’s language by performing an extract
  • Reinforcing knowledge of the narrative by illustrating a passage with quotations
  • Understanding the influence emotive imagery has on an audience’s opinion by creating a newspaper article
  • Checking knowledge with fun quizzes
  • Also includes exam style practice questions for OCR, AQA A and AQA B

Good activities [that] help to bring the play off the page and into students' heads!

S Jones, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4624)

Excellent. It takes you through pre-reading, specific text analysis, and initial perspective. It has specific lesson ideas and LOTS of them. It's a MUST HAVE.

E Worthington, HoD & Customer

I like it very much - very useful for both teachers and students. Good activities. They help to bring the play off the page and into students' heads! The activities can be used to enhance close reading of the text and to lift the study of the play from an intellectual pursuit to an active one. Excellent on language/vocabulary. A very helpful resource. Practical & lively.

S Jones, HoD & Peer Reviewer

This resource not only serves to improve students' understanding of the play, but also to improve their writing skills by encouraging them to use information from the play; to show them how to closely analyse a play, and to widen their vocabulary.

K McCord, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

I think this is a really helpful resource that makes the task of teaching this play at A-level so much easier. I really liked the well thought out active learning tasks which require pupils to actively engage with the text. I also really like the teacher overview at the end which provides a very helpful framework for a scheme of work. I feel that this resource enhances learning through the quality of its questions and activities which are closely linked to the relevant scenes. The questions are also carefully designed to direct pupils to engage with key information. It also creates opportunities for pupils to reflect on and suggest practical aspects of a production of the script i.e. casting, props, costume etc. It also invites pupils to think about character motivation and grapple with the more creative and ambiguous aspects of drama. Good activities invite pupils to think about the plot structure and relate it to scenes and acts.

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer