Topical Articles for Gifted and Talented for Scottish National Level 5 German

15 interesting, up-to-date articles, many linked to target-language culture, e.g. video games, birthday parties and sports; famous people, festivals and monuments. A range of texts from 150 to 350 words long, including postcards, forum posts, interviews and reports. A series of activities accompanies each text to ensure students get the most out of what they read: ‘find the vocab’ and comprehension questions, linked grammar exercises and writing tasks. Plus extension questions in the target language, and an opportunity to set targets to use newly learnt words and phrases in their own writing.

One of the best resources I have seen in ages... It matches the topics well but students won't feel like they are doing exam practice" S Jones, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  • Great as ready-made cover or homework
  • Perfect for independent learning
  • Ideal for extension
  • Answers included

I like the way it encourages students not only to understand the text to answer questions, but also as a way of expanding their own vocabulary by noting down new words and phrases which they have learnt. K Joel, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Topical Articles are also available for AS and A2 French and AS and A2 Spanish