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Revision Videos & Worksheets for A Level AQA Geography

Friendly videos with matching worksheets, all specifically created for AS AQA. Each video is a ‘how to’ for common exam questions – guiding AS Geographers to achieve top marks.

  • Ideal for visual and auditory learners
  • Worksheets encourage students to actively engage with the videos
  • Great for cover lessons, homework and revision

‘A really useful resource that will have an impact on your students' learning and grades...
well planned and very easy to use – can be used both in class or as an independent study resource... great breadth and depth... explores the complete course [in] a different form of presentation that students will really value… It will engage students... A must for visually impaired students... The examples cover the specification and this is supported with a high level of terminology.’ T Dixon, Geography Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer

  • Engaging young presenter with a real passion for geography
  • Easy to load onto your school network/VLE, or use the DVD in class
  • Rivers: 16 videos with scripts included – 16 worksheets with answers – 60 minutes of fantastic footage. Topics: Drainage Basin Hydrological Cycle and the Water Budget; Storm Hydrograph; Hjulström Curve; Transport, Erosion and Deposition; Changes in Channel and Valley Characteristics; Formation of Waterfalls, Rapids, Potholes, Braided Channels, Meanders and Oxbow Lakes, Floodplains and Levées, Deltas; Rejuvenation and Landforms of Rejuvenation; Causes of Flooding; Comparing and Contrasting Flooding in MEDC and LEDC; Hard and Soft Engineering.

  • Population Change: 10 videos with scripts included – 10 worksheets with answers – 52 minutes of footage.
    Topics: 1. Understanding Population Indicators, 2. The Demographic Transition Model Explained,3. The Applicability and Validity of the Demographic Transition Model, 4. Population Pyramids and Dependency Ratios, 5. The Impact of Internal Migration, 6. The Impact of International Migration, 7. The Balance between Population and Resources, 8. Ageing and Youthful Populations, 9. Attempts to Manage Population Change, 10. Settlement Case Studies