GCSE AQA The Essential Key Concepts Resource Pack

'What a fabulous introduction to the key concepts of Media Studies... The worksheets are absolutely brilliant… Everything that is needed to teach key concepts has been included... Fantastic!'
Sue Crawte, HoD, Independent Reviewer


AQA GCSE Essential Key Concepts:

Resource Pack

The ultimate introductory scheme for GCSE AQA Media Studies! You'll be amazed at how many key concepts, issues and media forms are packed into this comprehensive resource. From media forms to narrative theories, these lessons will give your students a firm grounding in all the theory they need for GCSE.

All the basics covered, and then some!

  • Terminology and theory introduced at a steady pace
  • Covers media forms, key concepts, technical codes, textual analysis
  • Ready-made lessons can be adapted to your choice of text

Your planning done for you!

  • Structured and focused approach
  • All 19 lessons include lesson plans, starters & plenaries, main, independent & homework tasks
  • Culminates in a terminology test and textual analysis exam