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Getting Started with Science at A Level: Bridge the gap between GCSE and AS

Getting Started with A Level Science

Bridge the gap between GCSE and AS

Great introduction for all Sciences; brings all students up to speed with the scientific principles required at A Level. Students simply look up the core stills with clear examples and this avoids you repeatedly answering common questions! Acts as a reference guide throughout AS and A2 studies.

  • Build practical skills
    • Scientific method explained
    • Health & safety best practice
    • Advice on measuring & recording accurately

  • Improve essential Maths
    • Base and Derived SI Units and key formulae, plus how to use them
    • Presenting and interpreting data

  • Improve scientific writing
    • Important scientific terms explained with examples
    • Tips for writing good exam answers and using appropriate scientific terminology
    • How to research and reference, including use of the internet

‘We issue each student one of these when they start Sixth Form. They use this to develop generic scientific skills such as drawing graphs and tables, manipulating information, etc. They use it as a guide throughout their AS and A2.'
M Smith, author