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Fun Shakespeare Starters and Plenaries for KS3/GCSE

Generate excitement and focus amongst your students with imaginative starter activities!

25 engaging starter activities per resource: 5 different types of activity, 1 of each for each Act.

  • Fully cross-referenced to GCSE AOs and KS3 AFs
  • 3 All instructions and answers included
25 Activities for each text!
Activity Type
Part 1: The Engaging Game
Part 2: The Explorative Activities
Quote Hunt A quote is revealed word by word and students try and identify it and it's speaker Students explore the meaning of the key word in terms of a) the whole play, and b) the quote itself
Fade Out Students try and memorise jumbled words from a quote and put them in the right order Students explore the meaning of the key word both in and out of context
Tone of Voice Students identify the tone of voice that is appropriate for the quote given Students work in pairs speaking the lines aloud, thinking about tone of voice, body language and dramatic pauses.
Wipe Out Students identify which 6 of 12 quotes are spoken by a particular character Students explore and analyse one of the quotes in detail
WordPics Students have to identify the missing word of a quote using one of three picture clues Students consider why the playright chose the identified word rather than another