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Antony and Cleopatra The Ultimate Text Guide for A Level

“It covers everything! An excellent resource.”
S Jones, English HoD, Independent Reviewer

Well-structured, comprehensive notes cover the whole play and its issues.
  • Summary and commentary for every scene, with key quotes highlighted
  • Discussion points for every act engage students with the text

Special notes focus on
  • Historical background
  • Structure
  • Themes
  • Antony & Cleopatra as a ‘Tragedy’
  • Imagery, with quote banks
  • Characterisation

Bonus! Extension activities for both individual and group work!

Vital assessment materials provided:
OCR Literature Unit F663 (from 2013)
Sample examination questions
AQA A Literature Unit LITA4 Coursework titles

“Many great resources pass over my desk each term; this guide stands out from the rest as incredibly insightful and simply awe-inspring. Believe me, this truly is the ultimate text guide.”
R Grundy, ZigZag English Development Manager

“A very thorough and detailed resource. I loved the 'key quotations', the parts on imagery, minor characters and on structure. It supports learning by focusing on a range of aspects of the text. The talking points help focus the students. It is supportive of students own ideas whilst helping them to formulate a critical approach. It covers everything! An excellent resource.”
S Jones, English HoD, Independent Reviewer