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E20 - AQA Spoken Language Study

'A really exceptional SoW that would be a real pleasure to teach... Makes a potentially difficult assessment accessible.'
N Osborne, English Teacher, Ind. Reviewer/p>


E20 Spoken Language Study SoW

A 10-lesson SoW with resources to prepare your students for the AQA controlled assessment task 'How does talk in soap operas try to represent actual speech?' Specifically designed to engage and enthuse students:
  • Varied and interactive paired/group activities using contemporary articles, blogs and online video clips
  • Based on the first online soap opera, written by young people for young people

Provides a pathway to the assessment - students:
  • Gain a good understanding of a topical debate (public attitudes to youth slang)
  • Learn how to create, use and annotate a transcript (includes transcripts)
  • Understand the use of linguistic terms (includes glossary)
  • Develop close reading skills (accessible articles and online video clips)
  • Learn how to write clear plans and analytical paragraphs (includes PEE help sheet, model answer and peer/self assessment mark scheme)

'A creative interpretation of a very new unit which teachers and students would enjoy immensely whilst also learning a huge amount.' M Ellen, HoD, Independent Reviewer