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AQA Prose Anthology Short Stories Resource Pack

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AQA Anthology —
Sunlight on the Grass Resource Pack

SoW and resources (notes, activities and worksheets) for the new Prose Anthology

Flexible SoW
The suggested varied, creative teaching approaches ensure active learning and the SoW 'gives guidance, but allows teachers to adapt and differentiate for their own classes' (N Worgan).

Comprehensive resources for each short story

Themes, characters and setting for quick reference/revision
  • Pre-reading activity to set the context
  • Discussion points to explore meanings
  • Extension activities to stretch the more able
Worksheets and Handouts
  • Author's techniques
  • 'What to look for in a short story'

The stories are linked under the themes of 'childhood', 'relationships' and 'good versus evil' to give students a clear focus on the possible links between the stories - perfect for assessment. Plus:
  • Sample exam questions and sample essay, with examiner's commentary, for the AQA Literature exam
  • Sample controlled assessment tasks for AQA Language & AQA English

  • "Very good. Clear and well structured. Would give pupils a clear understanding of the stories and hopefully introduce them to the stories in an enjoyable way."
    N Worgan, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer