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Endorsed by Edexcel
Written specifically for & cross-referenced to the new 2009 Edexcel GCSE PE Specification!

Edexcel GCSE PE Scheme of Work: Unit 1 Teaching Packs

Resources for every topic of Edexcel GCSE Unit 1. Each contains:

  • Scheme of work with lesson plans: Fully cross-referenced to the new specification to make your preparation for the new course simple
  • Teaching presentations: Detailed teaching course broken up with student activities. Divided into individual lessons with learning objectives and starter activities
  • Student workbook: Students work through the workbook as you deliver the teaching presentation, building into a comprehensive set of revision notes. Answers provided to all tasks
  • Homeworks: Homework provided for every lesson

"A fantastic resource and very valuable to teachers. Very well structured and organised... drastically reduces the amount of planning. Very effective stimulants for visual learners and a good range of practical activities which enhance the enjoyment within lessons and drastically improve learning."
J Clark, PE teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Accessible to both the weakest and strongest of pupils."
K Vadin, PE teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Very well planned and put together. The PowerPoints are fab to have and include all the relevant theory."
C Dunkley, PE teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Excellent resource... clear and innovative lesson plans with interactive content."
C Stearn, PE teacher & Independent Reviewer

You can preview every page of the teacher and student booklets for this resource. You can also view all or part of the first PowerPoint presentation for each resource.