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A Christmas Carol Study Guide

"I think that this resource is really useful because it is incredibly focused on the requirements of the new specifications throughout — this is very handy as it is something that none of us are overly familiar with yet and it is really nice to have resources that are clear and focus on exactly what is needed."
C Kelly, Retired English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


A Christmas Carol Study Guide

DYNAMITE for the new specifications! Reviewers agree…

Includes original character and scene illustrations and integrated 'Literary Heritage' notes throughout

For each exam board the mode of assessment is considered and specific material for this is included.


  • Detailed notes on every aspect of the novel to aid strong comprehension
  • Questions and tasks throughout to support learning, test knowledge and for effective revision
  • Thorough examination guidance and practice

Importantly includes:

  1. WJEC sample exam questions, with Foundation and Higher sample essay plans, and AQA sample controlled assessment tasks.
  2. Exceptional differentiation via 'First Impressions' and 'Assessment Objectives in Pupil-Speak' for weaker students and special tasks for the more able

Covers Everything
  • plot overview
  • character summaries and analysis
  • useful quotations and chapter summaries, all with analysis
  • historical and social contexts
  • themes
  • language
  • setting
  • imagery
  • symbolism
  • structure
And More!
  • exam and essay guidance
  • Foundation and Higher sample exam questions
  • sample exam answers
  • analysis of responses using the mark scheme criteria
  • writing exercises including 'How to improve this…'

"I think this is a wonderfully detailed and potentially very useful resource. I am new to teaching this text next year and I though that the resource was easy to access and comprehensive. I really like the creative nature of the tasks, as the novel is quite imagery heavy — this allows lower ability pupils easier access to the text."
C Kelly, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This guide adheres to the requirements of the new specifications for GCSE Literature. The summary grid below indicates which units allow for the study of this text and the methods of assessment.