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Property by Valerie Martin


Worksheets & Tasks


An intelligently planned sequence of classroom activities.
Supports a deep understanding and encourages reflection on the novel.

  • Works through the novel chronologically with creative tasks to engage the class
  • Introduces key concepts and vital contextual information
  • Strong focus on the Assessment Objectives
  • Extension tasks for further study

Bonus materials for AQA A Lang & Lit Unit 1:
  • Exam style questions
  • “Approaching the Analytical question”
  • Examiner’s advice
  • Sample responses

'Each worksheet contains an objective so the pupil’s understand what they are working towards. Worksheets also include revision tips & extra ideas which pupils can use to further develop their understanding. I have focused it on developing the skills the pupils will need for the exams, an element which is generally missing in generic novel guides.'
N Worgan, Author, Active English Teacher

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