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A Level Edexcel Political Issues Course Companions

'Very useful to have basic material for this course gathered together in one resource… I like the examples of both types of exam question… I like the reading exercises, the discussion topics and other activities… It encourages focused learning by including the reading exercises & the topic questions.'
S McCarthy, Head of Politics & Independent Reviewer


Topic A Course Companions

Ensure you've covered everything! Comprehensive, up-to-date notes on every aspect of the Edexcel specification for Units 3A and 4A. Clearly structured in specification order and focused towards the exam. Regular tasks and talking points consolidate student learning.

Unit 3A: UK Political Issues

Guides your students through the four specification topics - the economy, welfare, law & order and the environment, including:

  • Background and history of issues
  • Party positions
  • Policy development

'The author has obviously researched the topic well.'
R Cochlin, Author of AS & USA Course Companions

Unit 4A: EU Political Issues

Clear discussion of complex issues, from the single market to the constitution debate. Includes:

  • Impact on the UK: from sovereignty to policy
  • Integration and enlargement
  • EU institutions explained
  • Domestic policy case studies

It is difficult to find any real support for this unit. I am delighted that this has been produced.'
S McCarthy, Head of Politics & Independent Reviewer

Geared towards the exam:
  • Writing frames help develop A2 essay skills
  • Model answers with examiner's commentary show students what is expected in the exam
  • Discussion springboards stretch and challenge A* students
3rd Edition 2016 Unit 3A includes:
  1. Fully revised with updated facts and figures, including detailed analysis of the final period of the coalition government.
  2. Fresh analysis on key issues in the UK including the policies of the new majority Conservative government, as well as content on the new leaders, including Farron and Corbyn.
  3. Up-to-date case studies on party policies for tax, education, Hunt and the NHS, and transport including HS2.
3rd Edition 2016 Unit 4A includes:
  1. Fully revised with updated facts and figures, covering all four parts of the course.
  2. Fresh analysis on the outcome of the 2014 EU election and the 2015 general election, and content on how the political landscape has changed since.
  3. Reference and up-to-date case studies including the pivotal EU 'In-Out' referendum.