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F585 Digital Pre-Release Resource Pack 2016

June 2016 exam topic: Zambia & Globalisation

Give structure to the open-ended nature of the Global Economy: Zambia and Globalisation pre-release. The 'Student Hub' becomes the go-to place for essential walkthrough, tasks & practice papers. Network-ready, printable and editable*!

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What customers have said about previous F585 Pre-Release Resource Packs:

Very good... Lots of analysis... a really good focus for pupils... superb! S Crowley, Economics Teacher
Totally focused on the pre-release material... Very comprehensive... Spot-on content! A detailed and comprehensive coverage of the content included in the PR material... An excellent resource. T Braybrook, Economics Teacher

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (June 2014)
"An excellent resource that is totally related to the pre-release material and structured in a way to help my lesson planning and preparation... It helps to explain key concepts and introduce up to date data to help my preparation... It helps to inform my planning and also gives students the confidence that they are understanding the PR material... Matches the specification totally, 100%!" - T Braybrook, Deputy Head, customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (June 2013)
'Well researched and written... The Information boxes were a nice way to break up the information... The historical aspects are particularly useful and avoid students having to do the research themselves... The section on exam technique (command words etc.) is good and something that all students can benefit from.' – S  Dyer, HoD, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
'I think the picture and stimulus question sheets would be useful for teachers to get students talking about the case study and the economics involved.' – F Beran, Business Subject Leader
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (January 2013)
'Excllent - well designed and well written. Current, up to date and topical. Good use of a vriety of techniques - eg picture springboards, definitions, essay plans, mark schemes - v comprehensive... Definitions as you go along. Clear direction in the activities... Short, uncomplicated sentences... Pg 6 - deals with diffent types of deficit -good as often confused by students... Very good; flow diagrams and activities good for visual learners. Appeals to a wide range of leaning styles. Activity 7 especially good - can be used for class activities, homweork or if a teacher is absent. Also encourages evaluation - eg by looking at short term + long term (p 12)... It matches the OCR one well - applied directly to the pre release case. The questions are realistic and credible.' – S  Boddy, Head of Economics & Independent Reviewer
'Gives students help in knowledge and models of exposition and focus for analysis and evaluation. I liked the additional materials particularly and the exam practice with example answers - really helpful.I liked the key term boxes. I suspect many students really don't assimilate these important definitions so having them with the explanation should help them.An extraordinary amount of work has gone into this. The author has done a good job.' – F  Beran, Subhject Leader & Independent Reviewer