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Wuthering Heights: Comprehensive Guide for A Level English

Wuthering Heights

Comprehensive Guide for A Level

Informative, thorough and well-structured.

Chapter analyses focus on content, form and characterisation.

Special notes cover: contexts; critical reception; Marxist & Feminist theories; characters; themes; symbolism; and much more!

  • Thoughtful and probing questions to fully engage your students with the text
  • Analysis of key quotes

A thorough guide which contextualises the novel & shows real insight into each chapter. I particularly liked the social context & themes & symbols. I thought the tone of the chapter analysis was excellent as the student will feel that they are getting an in depth idea of why characters behave in certain ways with examples from the novel. A superb resource.’
S Fallon, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

Shows a lot of insight into the novel, combined with terminology & a written style which students will understand easily. The extensive background material for the text & the way of introducing students briefly to wider ideas in literary criticism is a good way of enhancing learning. Gives students ideas about how the novel can be read within the style of a particular genre or convention; i.e. revenge tragedy, Victorian realism. I felt that the analysis of useful quotes towards the end was very helpful & a good way for students to see HOW to read the novel in an analytical way.’
U Eve, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer


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