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Ecology Support Pack for A2 OCR Biology

"This is an excellent resource that closely matches the specification. It has an excellent blend of information resources and question resources, allowing the teacher to both deliver the content and assess student understanding with ease. I particularly like the mathematical calculations as students do not tend to get enough of these and they will provide excellent training for the examinations. I love the fact that this has an emphasis on students using the information through questions and essays. The research questions on the worksheets are excellent. I am currently using the resources in lesson and they are working well!"
J Hutson, Biology Teacher & Independent Reviewer


Ecology Support Packs for A Level OCR Biology

Comprehensive packs of classroom resources for A Level OCR Biology.

The AS pack covers Unit F212 Module 3: Biodiversity and Evolution, split into three topics: Biodiversity, Classification and Evolution.

The A2 pack covers parts of Unit F215: the Variation section of Module 1, Module 3 Ecosystems and Sustainability, and the Animal Behaviour section of Module 4

  • Factsheets with key information, examples, and definitions
  • Each followed by a worksheet with short and long answer questions, research tasks and essays
  • Practical tasks and games at the end of each topic for students to practice skills without the need for a field trip
  • Exam-style test to bring the three topics together

  • Fully covers and cross-references the AS OCR specification
  • Cross-referenced to AS AQA and Edexcel specifications
  • All answers included

"This is the best piece of work I have reviewed – really rather excellent. Well written and thorough. The detail is excellent and well varied with factsheets, worksheets and questions."
P Holden, Biology Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Concise and easy to follow. I particularly liked the ideas for practicals in the classroom. Matched factsheets and worksheets allow the student to review work and make sure they understand the key points."
E Shores, Biology Teacher & Independent Reviewer