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Revision Guide for AQA INFO3 (New 2008 Specification)

Enhance your students' grades fast with this definitive set of revision notes covering every point on the new September 2008 specification. Structured using snappy paragraphs and bullet-point notes for maximum retention by your students.

  • Comphrehensive - covers every point on the spec!
  • Up-to-date 'mini case studies' illustrate key points
  • Sample questions further challenge and stimulate students
  • Comprehension questions to consolidate understanding
  • Research tasks to enable independent learning
  • Written specifically for the new specification by David J Astall, experienced teacher and examiner

"I particularly like the way the revision guide is organised, as the chapter headings and order of topics match the specification. This would give the teacher confidence that by the time they introduced the revision guide, all aspects of the specification would have been covered ... It's easier to revise (or learn from) than the textbook, as it is stripped of superfluous information." Peter Chapman, Senior ICT Examiner & Teacher

"This is an outstanding resource that will prove invaluable for the teaching of ICT1. It matches the specification very closely, point for point. Excellent examination-type questions and each mark in the sample answers is clearly identified. Brilliant resource." Paul Nolan, ICT Teacher