KS3 French Homeworks

320, ready -to-use homeworks for Year 7, 8 and 9

Great amount of choice, more than 8 homeworks per week!

With this set of 320 A4 ready-to-use, varied and differentiated worksheets, you’ll never again be stuck for homework, cover or extension!

  • Based on QCDA guidelines and consultation with KS3 teachers
  • Cross-curricular links
  • Answers included
  • Teaching from the 2008 curriculum

Topics include:
Year 7: La famille, Chez moi, Les loisirs, Les animaux, Au collège, Les jours et les mois, Les numéros, Les fruits et les légumes, Les adjectifs, Les verbes à l’infinitif, Les verbes au présent
Year 8: La météo, Quelle heure est-il ?, En ville, Les directions, Les nationalités, Les pays européens, Au café, Les vêtements, Les verbes au parfait, Les verbes au futur
Year 9: Les métiers, Le corps humain, La France, Les verbes au parfait, Révision
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3439)
'This resource is very good additional material for all pupils (and extension work for brighter pupils). The presentation is excellent and is ready for distribution. I frequently recommend ZigZag materials to my colleagues within schools and in other schools.' M Parker, Teacher of MFL and ZigZag Education Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3438)
"I found plently of things I could use straight away for starters and plenaries and homeworks." — N Reynolds, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"I liked the fact that knowledge is reinforced in a variety of interesting ways." — P Ryan, Experienced French Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"A good range of interesting, different activities pitched at the right level. Plenty of choice." — S Powell, MFL Co-ordinator and Independent Reviewer
"I like the variety of activities and that there are several pages in each topic area. I also particularly like the sections on La France and Les pays europ�ens. These could be used as cross-curricular links with Geography. I also like the inclusion of the answers, which will save time when marking." — M Wall, Head of MFL and Independent Reviewer
"I liked the variety of activities which utilise a lot of thinking and problem solving skills... gives pupils a sense of achievement... The resource will help lay the foundations to the GCSE topics." — S Darnell, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer